Company Focus List
LFE maintains a list of promising technology start-ups, which are carefully selected after multiple meetings and deep-dive discussions to determine their eligibility along the following dimensions:
  • Innovation
  • Market size
  • Global reach
  • Customer traction
  • Growth potential
  • Team's strength
  • Openness of the founder(s) to feedback
Once a company makes it to the LFE focus list, it becomes eligible for consideration for the Lebnet Mentorship Program. Lebnet is one of the three diaspora organizations behind LFE, and the Lebnet Mentorship Program was designed at the beginning of 2014 in collaboration with LFE, and reflects the commitment of the diaspora to Lebanese entrepreneurs. Once in the program, companies benefit from extensive coaching by Lebnet experts in Silicon Valley, who work with the founders to develop and follow up on an action plan that addresses the start-ups' needs.

Companies on the LFE focus list:

        Music streaming portal

        Backend-as-a-service for Web and mobile applications

        Cash management, audit, and treasury SaaS solutions

        Cardiac rhythm management solution

        360° panorama app for the iPhone

        Intellectual property rights and royalty management software

        Information intelligence platform

        Heads-up monitor for swimmers

        Secure password management solution

        Network solutions for mobile service providers

        Fiber optic components and test modules

        Next-generation musician's toolkit