Over thirty individuals from the public and private sectors work closely with LFE's Managing Director, and serve on six committees that aim to address the ecosystem gaps identified by LFE when it was created.

Academia Committee
The mission of the Academia Committee is to encourage research and case studies about local and regional SMEs, to foster start-up creation and development, to promote academia-industry collaboration, and to facilitate networking between universities and all other ecosystem stakeholders.

Chairperson: Dr. Bijan Azad
Access to Capital Committee
The mission of the Access to Capital Committee is to encourage the rise of angel and institutional sources of financing that could ensure an efficient allocation of capital, and close what entrepreneurs and investors believe are gaps in the ecosystem.

Chairperson: Dr. Khater Abi Habib
Entrepreneurs' Assistance Committee
The mission of the Entrepreneurs' Assistance Committee is to provide technology entrepreneurs with the resources they need to start and grow their businesses, to help them develop their entrepreneurial and managerial skills, and to attune them to market needs.

Chairperson: Allyson Croft Jerab
Infrastructure Improvement Committee
The mission of the Infrastructure Improvement Committee is to identify the Internet infrastructure gaps that are hindering the development of the IT industry in Lebanon, and to lobby the public sector to address these gaps.

Chairperson: TBD
IT Sectors Committee
The mission of the IT Sectors Committee is to conduct research to identify the IT sub-sectors that could provide Lebanon with a global competitive advantage.

Chairperson: Leila Sawaya El Khoury
Legal Committee
The mission of the Legal Committee is to prepare, review, and lobby for legislation and regulations that spur SME growth and promote foreign and local investment, and to develop guidelines for diaspora investors and entrepreneurs who wish to operate in the Lebanese market.

Chairperson: Salam Yamout