1. What is LFE?
Lebanon for Entrepreneurs (LFE) is an initiative launched in 2013 by prominent Lebanese diaspora organizations Lebnet, LIFE, and SEAL, to accelerate the development of the technology start-up ecosystem in Lebanon. By collaborating with all existing constituents of the local IT ecosystem, LFE strives to align objectives while tapping into Lebanese expatriates' expertise and network. LFE is headquartered in Beirut, and is organized into six different committees whose mission is to close the ecosystem gaps identified by LFE when it was created. In addition to managing the various committees, LFE's Managing Director also works closely with start-ups on LFE's Company Focus List, and is involved in ecosystem-wide initiatives such as the new Lebanese start-up accelerator.

2. How is LFE funded?
LFE relies entirely on donations, which are used exclusively to cover operating expenses. Our list of donors can be found here.

3. Does LFE invest in Lebanese start-ups?
No, but we maintain close relationships with all major investors in Lebanon.

4. How does LFE support Lebanese start-ups?
We focus only on technology start-ups, which we encourage to contact us for advice and feedback about their ideas and business plans. However, given our limited resources, we only offer close assistance (and connections to Silicon Valley) to a select number of start-ups that make it to our Company Focus List .

5. Does LFE work with other organizations?
Of course! In addition to our close relationship with founding diaspora organizations Lebnet, LIFE, and SEAL, we collaborate closely with all active players in the Lebanese start-up ecosystem: investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, banks, universities, and ministries, to name but a few. The full list of our partners is available here.

6. How may I assist?
Please contact us if you would like to donate to LFE or are interested in serving on one of our committees. We also publicize pro bono internship opportunities on our website regularly, and encourage university students and fresh graduates to apply.